Enclosure manufacturers understand that security and resistance to the elements are key. If it opens and closes, Allegis can make it better. Our selection of complete door system components (hinges, handles, doors, latches, rods, and seals), and anything else you need to protect the contents on the inside and keep the elements on the outside. Our supply partners include Accuride, Colson Casters, Sugatsune, and Southco, as well as our proprietary products from Industrilås under the Vector, Vision and Klimaflex brands.

Allegis provides access hardware components to sheet metal and plastic fabricators including machine shops, stamping houses welding shops, machined plastic and fiberglass producers, and those performing rotational or injection molding. Allegis offers a full line of stainless steel, steel, aluminum and nylon handles, latches, hinges and hardware to complete your project. We have expertise in custom applications for casters, gas springs, drawer slides, tapes, adhesives and more.

Manufacturers of telecom enclosures, communication and data enclosures, switchgear systems, and electrical or networking cabinets know our Industrilås Vision Latching systems. We offer NEMA rated handles, hinges, and latches, quarter turns, thousands of stainless steel parts, and the exclusive Vision™ multipoint latching system. Our supply partners include Industrilås, Southco, and 3M™ Industrial Adhesives & Tapes.

Whether you’re building generator sets, providing enclosures to the oil and gas industry, or harnessing renewable energy through turbines, windmills, or solar energy systems, Allegis helps you complete your project with our field-proven access hardware components. We offer total latching and hinge systems, and adhesives, sealants and tapes to enhance security, reduce vibration, and dampen sound. Our supply partners include Industrilås, Southco, and 3M™ Industrial Adhesives & Tapes. Our proprietary brand of Vector handles, latches and hinges are specifically designed for Power Generation systems.

Utility carts, retail fixtures, industrial displays, ATM kiosks, exhibits, stages, signs or cases, the products you build require the best hardware components for functionality and a polished look. Allegis can supply you with the latches, handles, drawer slides, casters and wheels you need for your designs. Our supply partners include Sugatsune, Colson Casters, and Southco.