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Allegis Supply Chain Services (SCS)

Effective organizations are agile, quickly responding to shifts in demand. Allegis is all about enabling companies to become more flexible by taking advantage of technology and global supply chain resources. We are dedicated to helping customers reduce inventory and costs through intelligent inventory management.

As you look to improve operations and enhance your performance, Allegis SCS (Supply Chain Services) can work with you and design an individual program to support your unique business goals.

What Allegis Supply Chain Services Can Do for You?

  • Greatly reduce the number of purchasing transactions
  • Reduce inventory
  • Reduce number of suppliers
  • Reduce your supply lead times
  • Group visibility thru supplier portal
  • Contain prices
  • Reduce costs
  • Monthly summary invoice
  • Zero stock-outs (right part, right place, right time, right price)
  • Simple process to implement and execute
  • Supports Lean Office and Manufacturing plans
  • Business reviews

Which SCS Program Works Best for You?

  • CMI (Customer Managed Inventory)
  • Custom Packaging Solution
  • Dock–to–Dock
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Inventory Management
  • LCC (Low Cost Country) Sourcing
  • Process Mapping
  • QMS (Quality Management System)
  • Scan
  • VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)

Want to manage your own inventory, but simplify the process? The Allegis SCS CMI support team can map, organize and bar-code your stock locations, while working with you to establish kanban reorder points so inventory management can be a whole lot easier.

We can even bundle and label your parts for predetermined cell locations, while at the same time managing the parts individually in multiple production floor locations. Our team will continuously monitor kanban quantities, making sure stocking locations stay within target inventory levels and help you maximize inventory turns.

Many organizations want to focus on their core operations and simplify inventory management. SCS VMI lets them do exactly that. Using our team’s supply chain experience and responsiveness, we will assign an in-plant employee to work alongside your team. Yes, you read that right. Our in-plant team member will:

  • Receive, scan and stock inventory in cell locations
  • Work with your materials team sourcing and managing discreet purchase orders
  • Work with your team to map product movement through your current system and identify opportunities to eliminate waste

Inventory management can be a real balancing act as you try to avoid production down time due to out-of-stock components, and reduce the expense of overstocking the wrong part or over-ordering the wrong inventory. SCS inventory management from Allegis can help.

With the ability to maintain optimal inventory levels from suppliers to your parts bins, Allegis SCS inventory management can:

  • Simplify your inventory management process
  • Provide the right parts, at the right time and at the right location
  • Free up your labor resources and production space
  • Work alongside your team to improve processes and inventory flow
  • Simplify your billing by consolidating many supplier invoices into one

We believe simple, seamless data exchange is the foundation for successful companies to take advantage of global sources of supply, production and distribution. EDI is most commonly used to send and receive purchase orders and invoices and has been the global leader in electronic cost savings for companies for many years.

Allegis supports the following EDI document sets in ANSI X12 format:

  • 810 Invoices
  • 850 Purchase Orders
  • 856 Advance Shipment Notices
  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgements
  • 860 Purchase Order Change Requests
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgements

Imagine getting your components when you need them, not early, not late. The SCS Dock-to-Dock program can consolidate, label and deliver your parts on your production schedule. An advance shipping notice (ASN) can even be sent to you with details of your shipment to ensure accuracy, while reducing time and cost in your receiving department. Allegis SCS can synchronize supply and demand while balancing inventory exposure across your entire operation.

Give your company the confidence in its ability to deliver products and services that consistently meet your customer needs and expectations. The Allegis SCS-QMS has been developed based on practical, but stringent requirements of a wide range of organizations, including the military. From simple dimensional layouts and parts requirements to inspection records and certificates of conformance, SCS-QMS can tailor a quality program to meet your business goals.

Let Allegis set you free from kitting parts. We can prepackage virtually any combination of components to your specifications, freeing your labor resources and production space. We will label your bags and boxes with part numbers, quantity, description, barcode, and even your logo.

Learn more about how we can free your valuable time with our Packaging Excellence Service Program by contacting your local Allegis representative.

If you’re looking for a simple, flexible inventory management tool that can easily be setup and run by your company, Allegis SCS Scan is the answer.

However, if you want to accomplish the same thing, but free up your own team, SCS specialists can provide all the technology and resources for a customized replenishment program. Our team will take control of the entire process, from rightsizing inventory bins to establishing kanban quantities.

SCS Process mapping isn’t just about process flow. Or identifying waste. Or opportunities. Or even cost reduction. At Allegis, we’re about all these things happening together to enable your business to become more flexible, responsive and competitive. Our SCS process mapping specialists will:

  • Define current processes
  • Collect historical data, quantifying current procurement system costs
  • Map a complete product path, from demand to material delivery
  • Measure collected data
  • Enter all possession and acquisition costs, creating a baseline total cost
  • Analyze the process, identifying waste
  • Review the current-state process, identifying non-value-added steps
  • Review 6S audits to avoid any missed opportunities
  • Identify waste sources (7 Deadly Wastes)
  • Create a future-state summary, previewing how the process will work once non-value-added activities have been removed
  • Compare current-state process with future-state process savings
  • Create an environment that promotes sustainability and continuous improvement
  • Establish quarterly meetings for progress reviews

Everyone is interested in reducing cost, but finding and working with the best suppliers from around the world may seem difficult. The Allegis SCS LCC sourcing team can provide turnkey solutions that can make all the difference to your competitive outlook.

Global market challenges such as complex logistics, capacity constraints and security requirements can lead to longer cycle times and excess inventory. The SCS sourcing team can streamline and simplify the entire process with services including: factory audits, first article inspections, pre-shipment inspections, customs clearance and delivery of product to your location.

Additionally, the SCS team has extensive and practical experience to manage complex payment terms, cultural differences, language barriers, currency issues and foreign regulations.

Our sourcing specialists have expertise in sourcing: injection moldings, forgings, screw machine products, stampings, rubber products, springs, castings, and other industrial components.