Our customers in the transportation industry count on Allegis for the durability and performance required for tough road conditions and FMVSS compliance. Our selection from manufacturers including 3M, Industrilås Vector, Southco, Eberhard, A.L. Hansen, Hansen International, Britax and others have you covered. Whether you need handles, latches, hinges, gas springs, gaskets and seals, lights and mirrors, we have your perfect solution.

Allegis meets the hardware and accessory needs of truck body manufacturers. Our selection of exclusive Vector handles, latches and hinges as well as a complete selection of products from manufacturers like Industrilås, 3M, Southco, Eberhard, A.L. Hansen, Hansen International, Tri-Mark and more. We supply products that stand up to harsh road conditions and high-vibration environments. We have thousands of stock products plus custom design capabilities to help you design products for the best trucks on the road. Allegis is a member and proud supporter of the National Truck Equipment Association.

If you make fire trucks, ambulances, tow trucks, wreckers, police cars, or any other type of emergency vehicle, you need reliability. Allegis provides all the necessary access hardware components, including handles, latches, hinges, grab rails, foot steps, drawer slides, lights, mirrors, and gaskets and seals. We offer exclusive products from Industrilås like Vector Latches and standard parts from manufacturers like Southco, Eberhard, A.L. Hansen, Hansen International, Tri-Mark and more. We understand this industry and we bring decades of experience. In addition to access hardware, Allegis is a custom converter of rubber products for gaskets, sealing, flooring, reflective products, tapes and more.

We specialize on protecting the contents on the inside by keeping wind, air and water on the outside. From making your product watertight, securing compartments on your ATV or snowmobile, to increasing the security to your utility or hunting vehicle, Allegis is here to help. We offer handles, hinges, latches, gas springs, gaskets and seals, and lights and mirrors from trusted names like Vector, Southco, PROFIT, Britax, and more.

Allegis serves manufacturers in the mass transit and public transportation industries – including bus, motor coach, train and rail – with access hardware including handles, latches, hinges, locks, and more. We are experts in the design, specification and manufacturing of products to meet industry standards for reliability and safety. We work with manufacturers to design and innovate for the ever-changing market of public transportation. We work with factories in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia to manufacture premium parts and maintain North American manufacturing standards as required.